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Understand your plan

Supports and services for participants fall into three categories:

Core, Capacity and Capital

NDIS Core Supports


Funding for Core Supports is flexible and can be used for the basic things you need to live your daily life.
Core supports is broken down into 4 categories:

 Assistance with Daily Living - Supports that allow you to be as independent as possible - help with showering,               dressing, gardening and house cleaning. 

◉ Transport Allowance - Funding for transport so you can access the supports you need outside of your home.

◉ Consumables - Supplies you use every day because of your disability e.g continence products, modified cutlery, apps for  your smart tablet and kettle stabiliser etc.

◉ Assistance with Social and Community Participation - Supports for you to participate in social and recreational activities of your choice with a support worker. 


NDIS Capacity Building Supports


Capacity Building is different from Core Supports in that the funds are used to support goals that specifically built on your long-term independence. 


Capacity Building funds can be used for:

◉ Support Coordination

◉ Improved Living Arrangements

◉ Assistance with Social and Community Participation

◉ Finding and Keeping a Job

SLES (School Leavers Employment Supports)

Plan Management



NDIS Capital Supports


Capital Supports are larger, one-off items that support you in your daily life. They can include assistive technology, like wheelchairs or prosthetics, or modifications to your home.

◉ Assistive Technology

Rentals, Maintenance and Repairs of Equipment

◉ Home Modifications.

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